#Disabled, #TBI and #cancer survivor #Recumbent #Cycling DC to Gettysbury:raise money for #a11y , #troops and #vets

Hello everyone,

One of our gang is doing a charity ride from Washington DC to Gettysburg, PA again this year. This is pretty far ride….but even more significant for a person who has seen adversity of body and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and as of last year, is a breast cancer survivor! She and her family are passionate about helping promote and encourage accessible sports for military and civilians.

We are proud of our team here. We cheer and support each other. This time we salute Gina U, but we also, want to let you know that this is a charity event to raise money for disabled and injured veterans and actives of the USA armed services. Please follow the link to her nonprofit WORLD T.E.A.M. SPORT donation page, https://www.kintera.org/faf/donorreg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=451174&supId=315433167&extSiteType=1

Read the story and most all support Gina and the disability community. By the way…..She is disabled and she rocks!

Follow her journey training and completing this 2-day ride April 16 &17 2011 @BRAINtechPLEASE on Twitter.

Thank for your support and please RT :)….. eBe crew

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