One comment on “Hello world!

  1. Hello and welcome to the electronicBRAINedgement blog site.

    We are just a bunch of people who are trying to blog and vlog about technology, recent events, resources, fundraisers and subject areas which help out people of all abilities. Our main focus, however, is on getting good information to people, so they can make decisions about products that can improve their quality of life.

    Many of us are disabled or we have a disabled family member, and we have many resources that will identify inexpensive resources and tools that can help out any child or adult with a disability of any kind.

    We are not product specific and we encourage developers, educators, care providers, social workers and others who are working on similar projects to collaborate with us. We will gladly test and review any product or application which is provided to us. We are also grateful for any sponsorship and for any donations of these products as we are trying to start a nonprofit organization which will work directly with INNOVATION ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL, STATEWIDE HEAD iNJURY PROGRAM, WORLD T.E.A.M. SPORTS and other organizations to ensure that the fabulous people of the accessibility community are receiving information, and products which will help them live in more productive and happy life!

    We are also sick of all the marketing and price buildup for accessibility products and we advocate strongly for ourselves and for our children. In doing this exercise we realized that others could probably use information that we are collecting. If you are interested in learning more about subjects, products, and positive movements for the disability community, then welcome to electronicBRAINedgement.

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